Our Corporate Citizenship Focus

Mueller Water Products is committed to being a socially responsible corporate citizen and to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Mueller strives to streamline our community efforts to enable Mueller to make a stronger positive impact by focusing on key areas where we can make a difference. Strategic community outreach directs Company resources to stakeholders, societal issues and non-profit organizations that are important for the successful achievement of our strategic business plans.

As a manufacturer of products for the water and natural gas industries, our products and services are essential to the critical infrastructure of countries around the world. We employ thousands of people to facilitate the delivery of clean, safe drinking water to communities. We support non-profit organizations that align with our Company’s values and meet the following criteria.

At Mueller Water Products, we focus our corporate giving on those organizations that promote:

  • Water conservation and education
  • Fire safety and education
  • Volunteer opportunities for our employees

Requests for assistance should be submitted in writing and include:

  • A description of the organization or event
  • The specific nature of the request
  • Contact information
  • Confirmation of 501(c)(3) status

While it is not possible to fulfill every request for assistance, we make it our goal to respond to each and every one we receive. You will receive a letter acknowledging your request within 3 weeks of receipt.

Submit your requests for assistance to:
Corporate Communications
Mueller Water Products
1200 Abernathy Road
Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30328

Mueller Water Products believes that it is a Smart Move to strengthen the communities in which we live and work, as giving back is an important part of who we are as a company. Thank you for your interest in Mueller Water Products.