City of South Daytona, Mueller to deploy network-as-a-service AMI



Mueller Systems has announced the City of South Daytona, Florida, will soon begin deployment of its Network as a Service (NaaS) AMI system with LoRaWAN. Mueller says the LoRaWAN endpoints will allow South Daytona to efficiently collect data remotely and give visibility into its customers’ water use.

“Our goal is to better serve our citizens by using smart meters that allow for more timely reads, billing consistency, and better access to data when troubleshooting usage inconsistencies with customers,” said Caitlin Weiss, Utility Billing Supervisor and Spokesperson for South Daytona.

The Mi.Net node with LoRaWAN is a bi-directional endpoint capable of transmitting secure data to and from the network server within seconds. At this speed of communication, Mueller says on-demand reads can be requested and received without delay. Near real-time data is available to customer service and operations, which will help identify and resolve leaks or billing issues quicker.

Each LoRa-based endpoint maintains the data in its non-volatile onboard memory and communicates with the Mueller Systems Mi.Net Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This data backup feature helps to ensure that South Daytona’s water utility is protected against any single point of failure.

Alerts such as potential leaks, no flow, low flow, and register tampering are monitored by the Mueller Systems Network Operations Center to provide an added layer of security. Mueller Systems’ NaaS offering means South Daytona does not have to worry about maintaining the network and can focus on customer service.

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