Tackling water leaks with advanced technology and advanced analytics




Water leakage is a huge problem for utilities. That is why Echologics, a division of Mueller Water Products, has launched a new solution to give operators the insights they need to manage their networks more efficiently and sustainably.

Leakages in water networks are a waste of valuable water resources and can cause significant damage to pipelines and surrounding infrastructure - a major headache for utility owners and operators. Critical to mitigating water leakage is visibility in the network and the insights to act quickly and effectively. This is exactly what Echologics, a division of leading manufacturer and marketer of water-related products and services, Mueller Water Products, aims to provide with the launch of the new EchoShore-DXe acoustic leak monitoring sensor.

EchoShore-DXe sensors deliver actionable alerts about emerging and existing leaks to help control your water network, identify leaks early, and monitor their progression so that you can prioritise repairs intelligently. The sensor can attach to virtually any access point in a water distribution network - and work in tandem with the EchoShore-EX hydrant-based sensors - so utilities can get coverage where they need it. With a network of EchoShore-DXe® sensors, operator have visibility into their distribution mains at all times. Not only can they identify leaks before they cause an issue, utilities can get useful information quickly and regularly that help them better manage their water assets.

"In addition to reducing water loss, the EchoShore-DX system also helps utilities protect their local communities by addressing environmental concerns while providing important information that assist utilities in reducing the risk of catastrophic breaks within their distribution networks," said Kenji Takeuchi, Senior Vice President of Water Management Solutions. "Now, utilities around the world can enhance their water loss programs with our advanced technology, multi-dimensional analysis, and the SentryxTM Water Intelligence platform - our user-friendly, secure software interface."

EchoShore-DXe sensors attach magnetically to various appurtenances, including valves, boundary boxes, and underground hydrants. They perform a scheduled, system-wide correlation to monitor, detect, and locate leaks - even small and growing leaks.

"Backed by or advanced algorithms and dedicated analysis team, our solution can detect emerging leaks in monitored areas, which increases validated leak alerts," said Takeuchi. "In addition to delivering reliable leak alerts, our technology also helps accurately locate leaks, so utilities can save time in their investigation and repair work."

Like the hydrant-based EchoShore-DX sensors, the valve-based EchoShore-DXe sensors have a battery life of up to 10 years and support communications via LTE Cat-M1 and Narrowband Internet of things (NB-IoT) networks. Both the hydrant-based and the valve-based sensors work together to provide enhanced sensitivity and reliability.