Our Core Values

Mueller Water Products has a set of Core Values to help us think, act and work together to benefit all of our stakeholders – from our employees who are our most valued assets, to our customers who expect quality products and service, and to our investors who entrust their capital to us.

These Core Values are not an end in themselves. Rather, they form the foundation of our culture, define behaviors required of us all and guide our decision making. As a company and as individuals, we will:

Act with Integrity — Do the Right Thing

We are honest, ethical and act with integrity with each other, our customers, stockholders and other business partners.

We do what is right, not what is easy. We value, protect and enhance the reputation of our brands.

Acting with Integrity means we:

  • Tell the truth
  • Obey the law
  • Foster actions in line with our values
  • Conduct ourselves with the highest standards of behavior and fairness
  • Reward the right values and disapprove of others

Treat Each Other with Respect

We value our people. We are considerate, professional and open in our interactions with one another. We are an inclusive organization and recognize that each of us contributes to our success.

Treating Each Other with Respect means we will:

  • Respect the opinions, talents, time and experiences of others
  • Encourage coaching, performance feedback and providing career development opportunities for professional growth
  • Endorse an inclusive environment to benefit from people from different cultures, ethnicities, religious faiths, sexual orientations, disability communities, geographic regions, viewpoints and genders
  • Meet commitments made to one another
  • Encourage open and honest communication and productive conflict that leads to positive work relationships and moves us forward

Foster a Safe and Environmentally Responsible Culture

Protecting the health and safety of our employees is essential. We implement effective and responsible work processes and procedures based on industry best practices. We strive to be good stewards of the environment in the way we conduct our business.

Fostering a Safe and Environmentally Responsible Culture means we will:

  • Think of safety, quality and environmental stewardship as a way of life
  • Achieve higher safety goals and provide ongoing safety education and training
  • Be aware of safety hazards, implement incident prevention strategies to resolve them and regularly evaluate safety and environmental activities
  • Adhere to a workplace free from violence, illegal drugs and the inappropriate use of alcohol
  • Improve our environmental performance and the communities we serve as environmental stewards, working to conserve valuable natural resources

Build Relationships

We actively build relationships with our colleagues, customers and vendors. We know that more is accomplished by working as a team than alone. We establish common goals. We know each of us brings unique experiences and perspectives to the Company.

Building Relationships includes:

  • Align as partners with our customers to consistently exceed their expectations for quality and service
  • Seek the help of others who may have needed experience – regardless of where in the organization they work and recognize their contributions
  • Make decisions based on data not guesswork
  • Delegate responsibility and empower others to make decisions

Promote a Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We encourage innovation, creativity and being leading edge. We continuously look for ways to improve. Our success hinges on our ability to navigate and lead change. We remain flexible and embrace innovation. We anticipate and drive change.

Promoting a Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement means we will:

  • Establish and measure metrics for our work
  • Do things the right way - Valuing productivity and efficiency and eliminating waste throughout the Company
  • Anticipate what types of products or services the industry might need in the future, and we create them
  • Leverage technology in our products, services and processes
  • Create development plans for ourselves and those we manage and look for opportunities to enhance our skills

Deliver Exceptional Results

We expect the best of each other – and ourselves. We are accountable for accomplishing aggressive goals and objectives. We believe “good enough” isn’t. We know our customers, investors and employees have a choice of where to do business, invest their money and work. Our actions demonstrate why that choice is Mueller Water Products.

Delivering Exceptional Results means we will:

  • Set aggressive goals that encourage us to stretch our capabilities
  • Reward our stockholders by maximizing long-term value
  • Take thoughtful, proactive action in situations that may not be specified in any procedural manual
  • Consistently think about the impact of actions on the bottom line

To be a trusted partner to suppliers of water and energy infrastructure globally. Our solutions are recognized for their reliability, innovation and ability to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. We help utilities increase operational efficiencies, improve service levels, prioritize capital spending, ensure access to water and energy, and protect lives and property.

To be a trusted provider of branded products and services known for superior quality, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership that help our customers operate their businesses more efficiently and protect lives and property. We manage our businesses to realize leadership sales and value creation over the long term.