Automated Flushing Systems

How Much Can You Save?

Automated flushing systems and water quality sample stations. The Hydro-Guard® system monitors water quality in distribution piping and automatically initiate flushing as necessary to maintain disinfectant residuals as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This system conserves water, reduces chlorine consumption, and improves customer satisfaction by helping avoid taste and odor, while requiring minimal supervision by utility personnel.

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Why Automated Flushing Systems?

Advanced Maintenance Flushing minimizes disinfectant residual conditions in water distribution systems by providing periodic flushing on a consistent and regulated basis in order to maintain the water quality in the distribution system between flushing events. Advocates of this philosophy, including hundreds of municipal water distribution utilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, have concluded that smaller volumes of water can be used on a more frequent basis to maintain a minimum disinfectant residual that in turn results in a reduction in the growth rate of biofilms resulting in a reduced disinfectant demand within the pipeline. A reduced disinfectant demand in the pipeline in turn results in a longer detention time allowed prior to the loss of disinfectant residual within the pipeline.

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