Mueller Systems Gets Lighter

Mueller Systems' manufacturing facility in Cleveland, North Carolina replaced all lighting on the shop floor and in the warehouse area with T5 lighting.

23% reduction in electric consumption = 1,000,000 less electricity used per year & 560 tons less of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere

  • Higher energy efficiency - T5s use about 1/2 the energy of other high-bay fixtures while providing the same light output.
  • Better color rendering - A T5 fluorescent tube is closer to light provided by natural sunlight.  This means better image clarity and true color rendering, making it easier to see your work.
  • Quicker start up and restart time - Metal-halide lights may take up to 15 minutes to restart after being turned off.  This means lost productivity, but it also means that T5s can be easily combined with motion sensors to quickly turn the lights on and off based on activity in the area.
  • High light output over the lifespan - Metal-halide fixtures lose 35-40% of their light output over their lifespan, while T5s only lose about 5%. 
  • Less heat loss - The higher energy efficiency of T5s means less energy is lost as heat.  While this may be nice on a cool winter day, in the summer, in an air-conditioned space, it means the A/C needs to work harder.



Media Inquiries

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